Why are there ‘no miracles’ in aging of the skin? Or, are there?

Aging of the skin is a ‘natural’ process and there are no miracles without intervention. As much as we love many ‘natural’ things, we are often not thrilled about the natural aging process.

The aging process can be affected in three major ways: physiological, environmental, and lifestyle driven.

  1. Your age, your genes, and your hormonal state are physiological, and these issues are beyond your control.
  2. Sun-damage and air pollution are environmental issues, and you have some control over your exposure to these issues.
  3. Sleep deprivation, smoking, nutrition, and inappropriate skin care are lifestyle driven, so you have the most control over these modifiers.

Fortunately, there are interventions available that mimic miracles in the area of skin rejuvenation. At Bellatudo Skin Care, we offer proven skin care knowledge and tips to assist you in making changes, which can enhance your physical appearance.

Skin Care Frequently Asked Questions

Post Laser Treatment Skin Care Tips

Treatment is operator dependent, but the aftercare contributes significantly to the success of the laser treatment. A few important factors for good aftercare are:

  1. Follow the Step-by-Step Instructions given by your aesthetic doctor or laser technician.
  2. Use a good moisturizer, such as Aquaphor, Cetaphil, or similar products.
  3. Wash your skin with vinegar water, when indicated, to minimize skin infection.
  4. Avoid sun exposure in order to prevent future sun damage.

How to Choose the Right Sunscreen

When it comes to choosing the right sunscreen, remember two things:

  1. Use a sunscreen with broad spectrum coverage that includes both UVA and UVB and a minimum of SPF 30.
  2. Sunscreen lotions typically do not work the first 15-30 minutes after applying them to the skin, and they lose their protective effect in less than two hours, especially if you are perspiring or swimming.

Why do some people say laser skin treatment does not improve the skin quality?

The outcome of laser skin treatment depends on three factors: the chosen treatment, the operator, and the patient.

  1. If the right treatment modality for the desired outcome is not chosen, or the laser machine was not capable of delivering the function, the outcome will be a disappointment.
  2. If the operator is not trained sufficiently, there will be a less than optimum outcome.
  3. If the patient has not followed the post-treatment care or ongoing daily maintenance care, the result will be compromised.

At Bellatudo Skin Care, the prescribed aftercare and ongoing maintenance care will be as important as the treatment itself.


HydraFacial is an ultrasonic resurfacing procedure, which provides cleansing, exfoliation, mild acid peeling, extraction, hydration, and vortex-infusion of antioxidants and anti-aging nutrition. This is a non-invasive but powerful procedure that delivers instant results with minimum discomfort and no down time. Since this procedure provides all 5 essential steps of effective skin treatment in one setting, HydraFacial is known as the “Big Bang for your Buck!”  Your face will be clean down to the dermal junction, unlike the traditional facial massage where most cleansing action takes place at the epidermal layer or superficial skin area.

Laser Toning

Laser Toning is commonly done to improve skin tone, to tighten sagging skin, and to soften fine wrinkles. This treatment can be done alone or in conjunction with Spectra. This excellent maintenance aesthetic laser treatment requires no down time. It has a great cumulative effect when done regularly over several months on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

Fractionated CO2

The standard Laser treatment for Rejuvenation and Resurfacing of skin lasts for a sustained period time, erases wrinkles, and  it rejuvenates and reverses the appearance of aging skin. Down time is 7-10 days formerly but 3-5 days  when followed by special lotion and foundation Oxygenetix.

Spectra Peel

This is a 3-step Laser skin peeling which results in collagen remodeling without down time.  It reduces skin pore size to improve skin appearance. This treatment includes applying carbon lotion which settles into the skin pores and interacts with the Laser Spectra Wave Length.  This results in an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect on the skin cells.Due to the anti-inflammatory property, this Laser treatment is also effective for Acne and Rosacea. For the best results, Spectra is often given alternately with Laser Toning.

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