Dr. Laura ChoAbout Dr. Laura Cho

Dr. Laura Cho is a Board Certified Internist with a special interest and training in aesthetics. This interest led her to found Bellatudo in order to address the aesthetic concerns of women and men (including teenagers). Dr. Cho has 16 years of experience working with aging issues such as aging skin and skin pigmentation.

Dr. Cho’s assistant, Debbie Won, R.N., has many years of aesthetic experience and shares a commitment to bring health, vivacity, and confidence to all of their clientele. Dr. Cho and her staff members have had their own firsthand experience with the skin care treatments they will provide for others. Dr. Cho’s assistant Debbie has been an inspiration having received amazing results with her skin by collagen stimulation, Botox, and routine skin care.

Both Dr. Laura and Debbie know that skin care is not only health care but an art. They have the knowledge, experience, and skill to know what treatments are best for you and what treatments may not be beneficial.

We look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Laura Cho

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